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My passion as a therapist is to guide you in understanding your emotions, discovering a sense of peace within yourself, and improving connection in your relationships. I want you to be able to focus on what really matters in your life, and not feel tied down by excessive stress, worry, sadness, or emotional overwhelm.

I specialize in therapy with women, relationship and premarital counseling, and pregnancy loss. If you are struggling right now and feeling that you are stuck or missing something in your life, please don’t continue to drift along without direction or hope. I invite you to take a step towards change, wholeness, and the freedom to truly live again.

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“If we can become comfortable with the power of emotion,

it becomes [our] greatest ally,

rather than a disruptive force to be contained.”

- Dr. Sue Johnson, Clinical Psychologist

What is a Healthy Emotional Life?

Emotions can seem scary, undesirable, and unpredictable. They are difficult to understand. This often makes it feel like our only options are to surrender to the storm happening inside us or in our relationship, or to stuff the feelings down and accept a dull existence, pretending like everything is ok. But, it’s possible to have a positive interaction with your emotions, resulting in a life that can be both fulfilling and peaceful.

In searching for an ideal way to deal with our feelings, many of us find ourselves on opposite sides of the emotional spectrum. We either are convinced we are too emotional or we feel absent of any emotion at all. Our anger, sadness, or worry is either something to be avoided at all costs or we find it overtaking us. In an attempt to develop healthy boundaries with others, we end up closing ourselves off or become too afraid of hurting someone’s feelings to tell them “no” when we know we need to.

Learning how to properly interact with your emotions can positively impact every area of your life, including your closest relationships, career, and how you feel on the inside.

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What to Expect in Therapy

Therapy is for anyone wanting to grow, get through a particular life or mental health challenge, or to gain a different perspective on something they are struggling with. Often there is a stigma that people who come to therapy are crazy, incapable, or must have substantial problems, but this is simply not the case. In my experience, I have found it to be quite the opposite. It takes a brave and a very capable individual, family, or couple to reach out and admit they need assistance, especially before the problem becomes too devastating. For them, the desire for positive change becomes bigger than their fear of trying something new.

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Appointments & Fees

I usually recommend beginning therapy with a plan to commit to one session each week, so we can get off to a good start. However, I may suggest a different length or frequency of therapy depending on the nature and severity of your concerns and I am open to what works best for your time and budget.

The rate for each session is $140 for a 60 minute individual session or $175 for a 75 minute couple session. I don't bill insurance directly, but I am happy to give you a medical invoice, which you can submit to your insurance company. If reimbursment is important to you, please contact your insurance company ahead of time to find out if you are eligible for out-of-network therapy benefits. In addition, therapy is a qualifying expense for most HSA or FSA accounts.

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